Geotechnical, Environmental and Geological Drilling

Civil construction and residential site investigation for Engineering and Environmental Science

around Sydney, Australia

on-site services

Site Investigations

  • Four self-contained hydraulic operation drill rigs, mounted on 4 wheel drive utility vehicles
  • Solid flight augers, hand augering
  • On-board power and water


  • Drilling to 50 metres in soil and rock
  • Geological core and soil logging
  • Logging, sampling and testing for Geotechnical and Environmental analysis
  • Monitoring well installation and management
  • Tree health monitoring
  • Groundwater profiling
  • Concrete coring
  • Footing & foundation inspections
  • Stability assessments

HartGeo performs field investigations for engineers in and around the Sydney basin using its 4-wheel-drive utility vehicles mounted with self-contained hydraulic drill rigs.

HartGeo's principal, geologist Damien Hart, has 15 years experience in civil and environmental engineering and investigation, in remote area exploration and laboratory testing.

HartGeo is an Australian owner-operated company.

HartGeo's clients include specialist geotechnical engineers and environmental services companies for domestic, commercial and infrastructure projects including housing estates, site remediation, road and rail, telecommunications and lighting towers.


Standard penetration testing (SPT)
Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP)
Cone Penetration test (CPT)
Shrink/swell and linear shrinkage

Acid sulphate soils
Soil moisture content
Soil/rock strength
Soil contamination
Soil permeability/percolation
U50 tube sampling


Civil construction and residential site investigation


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